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It' s also very useful: 1. this user guide provides more detailed explanations on how to use ricoh theta s. the theta s is ahead of its time, but its time is now. but the image offers plenty more detail than the video version. your natural grip position on the theta s means that the world will get to see your digits in every photo. i' d also get it at adorama or at amazon.

this is the edited video, showing launch, the shadow of totality passing, and the last 40 seconds or is the last of the footage before the battery died. schnell zum ersten rundgang. the magic sauce of the theta s is that it has two lenses and two sensors pointing in opposite directions, to capture the full 360 degrees. the ricoh theta s was released in.

it shows everything around you. this year, the festival transformed into an action- packed and equally memorable virtua. please visit our dealer page to see which dealer currently has the theta s available for purchase. the ricoh theta s camera is the third version of the company’ s 360- degree cameras. with the theta s, the process is simple: you just take the photo; therefore, the image is where the pleasure lies. yes, you can still get better results with a multi- shot setup and a lot of work ( both in the field and in post processing), but we do mean a lotof work. the theta s itself has just four buttons – three down one edge, and one large one on one side. the three smaller buttons turn the camera off and on, toggle wi- fi, and switch between camera and camcorder modes. the biggest help is when you use any of these links when you get anything. pocket camcorders capable of shooting 360- degree video have been around for more than five years now. at the moment, if you want to try out shooting decent- quality 360 images and video, you don’ t have many options.

ricoh' s theta s press release. i rest it on any flat surface, hide, and and shoot it remotely via its appon my iphone. if you haven' t helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $ 5. luckily there was no damage. iso sensitivity ranges from, and the camera captures jpeg images and mp4, mpeg- 4 avc/ h. find deals on products in cameras on amazon. in still image mode, you can shoot while checking images in live view. the ricoh theta s is the third generation of ricoh’ s 360- degree shooting camera, which we first got our hands on at ifa – and it’ s the first to offer decent video abilities. that’ s because this is one of the first affordable 360- degree cameras you can actually buy, and the sub- £ 300 price is particularly tempting.

the ricoh theta s is certainly not for everybody; there' s no two ways around that. yes, unless you' re viewing at very wide angle, the theta s' video will still seem relatively soft and low- resolution, but the ability to pan and zoom to choose your own subject during playback makes it fairly easy to overlook that fact. the 360º files look pretty boring straight out of the camera. the memory is built in and tops off at 8gb. buy your ricoh theta sc now. it puts you back in the moment weeks, months or even years later, setting a scene and letting you reimagine yourself at the center of it all over again. alongside the camera itself – which incorporates 8gb of flash memory ( enough for 25 minutes of footage), but has no removable option – you get a neoprene sleev. it is, perhaps, the best single way to take a selfie or group photo. as this page is copyrighted and formally registered, it is unlawful to make copies, especially in the form of printouts for personal use. the next button is to activate the theta s’ s wi- fi. holobuilder 360 sitestream.

this is a little disappointing when the sensors themselves could be capable of much more. it gives a stunning effect, and i haven' t seen anyone doing this yet lately. not anything terribly compelling, i don' t think, and yet by pairing those two cameras into a single chassis, ricoh has given us a very interesting product indeed. ricoh theta z1 | a camera ' ricoh theta' can shoot 360- degree spherical images in a single shot. i also can hold it in my hand and press its shutter button, but i' ll see my hand in the picture. now connect your phone to your computer and transfer the images like you would do with normal images. in order to get a completely spherical 360 by 360- degree video you need two cameras and a mount to stick them together. according to rico theta s schnell laden the ricoh engineer i spoke to at the company’ s stand at the sxsw trade show in austin, where i obtained the theta s for this review, demand is so high for this product that they just can’ t make them quickly enough. ) you can skip this last step and upload the images straight from your phone into the my360 app into the property profile so the images will be ready and waiting for you when you get back to the office. the theta s features a bright f/ 2. and it does so with very impressive image quality for next to no work.

it costs you nothing, and is this site' s, and thus my family' s, biggest source of support. with its sub- £ 300 price, the theta s is cheap enough to purchase just to get to grips with the idea. this allows you to capture approximately 1600 full- res phot. the photographic process, for some of us, is as engaging and interesting as the results. rich made some older modelsthat are much slower and have lower resolution. the tripod socket allows you to attach accessory grips, like the ricoh wg grip adapter, or mount the theta s on a tripod head, walk away, and. ricoh theta s, the high- spec ricoh theta modela new way to enjoy photographyricoh theta s exceeds your current world, capturing your entire surroundings with a single shutter click. search only for rico theta s schnell laden. { c} unlike a regular panoramic image, the theta image is spherical. in video mode, there isn’ t much more you can do than choose between recording 1, 920 x 1, 080 or 1, 280 x 720 resolutions.

what is needed to log in? top intro sample images specs performance compared usage recommendations more the ricoh theta s is a crazy pocket- sized camera with two 190º fisheye lenses and sensors facing back- to- back. create full 360˚ spherical photos and videos unlike anything you’ ve seen before. ricoh theta s apps are not available in the store. however, the theta s is easy to use and the results are acceptable for the price. to facilitate this journey, ricoh has built the theta on open- source architecture and is hosting app development contests to increase the 360ospherical infr. the ricoh theta plug- in partner program supports ricoh theta plug- in development with an android- based os.

until september, i had never held a 360 camera in my hand. alle rechte vorbehalten. does the camera support manual settings? a single sp360 4k camera captures a 360 by 235- degree video. the theta sc is no longer available and has been replaced by the theta sc2. a method to easily view 360 degree images taken with ricoh theta s and ricoh theta sc on playstation® vr has been released nov. presented in ultra- high resolution. internal: 3840 x 1920 at 29.

ricoh theta is a line of 360- degree cameras by japanese manufacturer ricoh. a panoramic preview of ricoh theta at sxsw. buy only from the approved sources i use myself for the best prices, service, return policiesand selection. 97 fps ( 16 mb/ s mp4 via h. the theta from ricoh is a compact and lightweight ( 3. content included and images used in this guide may differ from those of the actual device depending on the application or firmware version. see full list on kenrockwell. and you will forget everything you ever knew about photography. it is immersive and fun and an experience totally unique when compared to my previous photographic world. in shutter priority mode, the shutter can be varied between 1/ 8th to 1/ 6, 400th. 7 g with internal battery and 8 gb storage, about $ 350).

the app also doubles as a 360 viewer for use with google cardboard or other add- on viewer ( although i had only a cardboard available for testing). everything in a 360- degree sphere ends up in the frame, unless something was blocking it. you can use the ricoh theta for android as a remote control to shoot photos on your ricoh theta z1/ v/ s/ sc. top intro sample images specs performance compared usage recommendations more no one else makes one of these, but there are copies on the way. there are solutions. the ricoh theta s, which retains the lightweight portability of the current model— the ricoh theta m15— captures high- resolution spherical images of up to nearly 14 megapixels.

the theta comes standard with a neoprene sleeve for transport. ( 5376 x 2688) jpeg. all of the cameras are capable of 360- degree video and photos. no question about it: you' re getting a much more well- rounded camera ( no pun intended) than you did with the theta m15, and the price difference is only a relatively modest $ 50, or 17%. tous droits réservés. for others to flick around the panorama, they' ll also have to download the viewer app. when shooting photos, however, there are numerous image adjustments that can be made. but the theta s promises a very different experience.

seeing how it' s easy to take everywhere and priced reasonably, it' s a must- have for anyone with a sense of humor, curiosity or love of fun. each sensor is 12mp, but when the image is created, it is the equivalent of a 14mp image. currently, with ricoh theta sc2 / ricoh theta sc2 for business, there is a phenomenon that wireless connection is not possible in the environment of ios 14. you could use a dslr and a fisheye lens and waste a day playing with files rico theta s schnell laden on your computer, but that' s not the point of this camera. our booth will be packed. the camera and smartphone cannot connect by wi- fi. and what an interesting time i' ve had shooting with this camera.

experience high image quality with high- precision stitching technology that delivers an astonishing 360° experience. ricoh has jumped in early and provided something that’ s far from perfect, but good enough to have some fun with the rising vr trend. with twin fisheye lenses, each with its own image sensor, this sleek camera can capture complete 360- degree spherical. the two lenses are identical. 3' for 30 minutes. what takes the theta s beyond being a gimmick is that the two sensors included are of reasonably high specification. love them or hate them, selfies are here to stay and the theta gives your selfie a step up from the crowd because it shows much more than just you in the frame. maybe the next version will? in auto mode exposure can be adjusted between - 2 and + 2 ev. a cool design feature: you cannot see where the leds are embedded in the camera’ s facade until they illuminate.

ricoh theta cameras now have an open api / sdk that both individuals and corporations can access. ceci, one of the founders of metta ( mettavr. are you with a group of friends? to be honest, it. get one now; you won' t regret it. what the heck does that mean? there are 11 white balance presets available alongside the auto mode, but no manual option. ricoh has a handful of rico theta s schnell laden accessories for the theta s, including the theta hardcase th- 1that gives the theta s a bit of weatherproof capabilities. the slim, lightweight design makes this an ideal 360° camera for portability and is easy to handhold without the use of additional accessories, while [. they aren' t intended as final products; you' re supposed to look at them with an interactive viewer.

com: ricoh theta s - new. the theta s' unique twin- lensed design and complete 360- degree spherical panoramic coverage might have yielded an interesting behind- the- scenes look at our testing process, but it certainly wouldn' t have provided meaningful results about the camera itself. national mall would be an awesome place to announce your existence with a theta s— rico theta s schnell laden take a photo of the washington monument in front of you and us capitol behind you in one click. you just need to ensure the device is basically upright, and that there are no large, unwanted objects close by that will obscure what you actually want to capture ( like your own body. now that i think of it, the washington d. most cameras seem a lot alike, but not so the ricoh theta s. the theta s can slip into a pants or shirt pocket easily, but if your smartphone or wallet is already in there, it might be a tight squeeze. it looks, to those unfamiliar, like the memory- erasing device from the men in blackmovies. however, you don’ t necessarily need to see what is being shot with a 360- degree camera, since it captures almost everything. manufacturer description: with one touch of a button, the ricoh theta s creates spherical images and videos are created which are unlike anything you' ve ever seen. additionally, ricoh.

the ricoh theta sc also offers a choice of four body colors ( beige, white, blue and pink), making it your personalized imaging tool, one to enjoy every day, everywhere. thanks for helpin. befestigen sie die kamera auf einem stativ und messen sie die höhe der kameralinse vom boden aus. today, many photographers, especially the younger crowd, are posting selfies and/ or rico theta s schnell laden embracing the “ photo or you were never there” mentality. at a dinner for four, i placed the theta s in the middle of the square table, conne. the theta s offers capabilities not previously attainable in past models including a new, a larger image sensor, which gives you approximately 14 megapixel, high- quality spherical images and full hd movie rico theta s schnell laden recording up to 25 minutes. 0 lens and a large, 14 megapixel sensor so you can capture high- quality images and full hd video at 30fps. the theta s has a similar initial look and feel to. it' s great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full- time. ) camera that has a lens on both the front and back, allowing you to take full 360 degree spherical panoramic images in with one shot and 3 minute videos.

stretch that resolution around into a 360 view and video quality will be rather low when uploaded onto youtube or facebook. i must admit, when it was first announced i did have some concerns about the fact that it was more expensive than its predecessor, but having had the chance to use the theta s quite extensively now, those concerns have evaporated. zu den kamera- handbüchern von ricoh. let’ s hurry past the numbers, because when you are talking about truly unique photographs and videos, i would rather talk about the experience instead of the stats.

the ricoh theta s provides decent 360 photos and acceptable 360 video for early adopters, but it’ s likely to be superseded soon. you can also switch between still image mode and video mode by the app. you' ll need a viewer appon your phone or computer to flick around the panoramic images interactively, otherwise its files look like funny jpgs or movies with a fixed point of view. so it’ s worth buying right now, but will probably end up languishing in a drawer within a year as more sophisticated alternatives arrive on the market. ) the easiest way to document any large internal space or a large group of people. the video is captured into discs that are stored side by side within a 1, 920 x 1, 080 frame, so the resolution of the video once stretched out is much lower. ricoh theta, experience the world in 360° shoot photos and videos of the entire space with a single push of a button.

the large button then takes a picture or begins video recording, depending on the mode. if you have seen or touched a ricoh theta in the past, you’ ll know exactly what to expect from the theta s. the device is synchronized with smartphones, where images can be immediately transmitted via wi- fi and viewed with a dedicated free app. in iso mode the range is from 100 to 1600, or there’ s a manual mode where you can set both independently.

the device is elegant and simple. 360- degree spherical will not replace “ regular” images, but i feel that it will add to the overall photography experience for a lot of people. there were three still cameras ( one being a ricoh theta 360) and a gopro recording video. you can see some sample footage shot on the ricoh theta s on theta360. otherwise they' ll see images with a static point. mesh plug- in for ricoh theta. this invention, the world’ s first of its kind*, was achieved by employing a micro twin- lens reflex optical system developed by ricoh to enable the capture of an entire view of the. top intro sample images specs performance compared usage recommendations more the ricoh theta s is easy to use, easy to throw in a pocket, and its pictures look great.

ricoh imaging europe s. on one side is a trio of buttons. uploading the images onto your computer or phone inside the theta app allows you to “ play” rico theta s schnell laden with your spherical world by panning and zooming. using its wi- fi and mobile apps, you can. nun muss das wlan – symbol blau leuchten. everyone with an android- based ricoh theta camera can install programs ( plug- ins) into the ricoh theta. with our newest 360- degree camera, the z1, there are no limits to where your creativity will take you. sony corporation.

and when you stop to think about it, buying one theta s is much the same as buying two of any other camera. the theta s is clothed in a grippy, black rubber coating that feels good to my fingers. i launched a camera- laden balloon before totality passed over central oregon. capture and share life’ s epic moments in immersive 360° photos & videos with the ricoh theta sc. overall, the quality of the images is dece.

the sony bloggie touch mhs- ts20k included such ability, but recorded onto one sensor using a lens and mirror attachment. it shoots both stills and video. the ricoh theta s packs 14mp of effective resolution onto two 1/ 2. learn how to use a ricoh theta s. if you have a need for 360- degree panoramic imagery, the ricoh theta s is a no- brainer. for the “ pic or it didn’ t happen” crowd, not only are you proving you were there, hold the theta above your head and you can see what was behind you.

the youtube version of the same footage can be seen here. the theta s does have a bit more heft, but it doesn’ t feel like it is a bar of lead. a definite dave' s pick, it' s in a class of its own for 360- degree panorama fans! 97 fps ( 56 mb/ s mp4 via h. i recommend them rico theta s schnell laden all personally. to compare to another device, the theta s is about as tall as an iphone 5s, about two- thirds the width, and about twice the thickness. more images for ricoh theta s schnell laden ». it has 8gb of internal memory and charges via usb. and where the theta m15' s video capture was very limited indeed, it' s much more capable in this newer model.

since its launch last year as the worlds first image input device, the ricoh theta has opened a new world of imaging possibilities. video is 1080p at 30fps for up to 25 rico theta s schnell laden minutes. what would you get at half this cost in a standalone camera? ) it' s the easiest way to make a unique photo of a group of people all standing on their own little world; perfect for corporate group portraits. com or facebook to interpret the panning facility and stretch them out. other features include hd live streaming, live view on your smartphone with exposure control, and shutter speeds up to 60 seconds. performance and ease of use. the better quality images are enabled by an. with the theta s, it' s just a matter of positioning the camera and tapping the shutter button: end of story. as a result, resolution was low. the good the ricoh theta s takes the complex process of capturing and creating spherical photos and videos down to a single button press.

see full list on bhphotovideo. we are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the virtual sxsw creative industries exhibition march 16 - 20. close focus distance is 3. the ricoh theta z1 is the flagship model of this series, with ricoh deploying exceptional optical and image processing technologies, cultivated through years of high- performance camera development, to pursue its highest resolution and quality to date. there’ s no doubt that it will be superseded by better devices fairly soon, and the theta s is still at the novelty level. this ad- free website' s biggest source of support is when you use those or any of these links to my personally- approved sources when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. the sensor size and resolution isn’ t far off those used by high- end consumer camcorders, which is impressive given the price of the theta s. the lens is here is rated at f/ 2. these need to be uploaded to theta360. find out more on our brands pentax, theta, gr, wg- and g- series.

image quality, especially in low light, is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. 0, which bodes well for low- light performance alongside the decently sized sensors. especially for a camera like this, the stores i use ship from secure remote warehouses so no one has fooled around with it or scratched your lenses before you buy it. ricoh' s app for your computer. then download any of the 360º files and then open them from inside the ricoh theta viewer app. 264) still image support. there are two lenses, one on each side, and they feature 7 elements in 6 groups with a maximum aperture of f/ 2. this means you cannot only scroll 360o right or left, you can scroll your image vertically to the “ poles. if you need a one- click way to snap everything in the entire 360º field of view, this is it.

if your fingers did not show up on the image, or if the phone. if you' ve gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you' re family. it takes a whole new thought process to use this camera, especially if you don' t want to be present in your own photos. one side has a shutter release below the lens.

one is on the back. in order to immerse yourself in theta’ s spherical images, you need the theta app or you need to link the images posted on social media via the theta website. which side is which? a bundle like that costs $ 799. like so many camcorders these days, the theta s has built- in wi- fi and a smartphone app, and in this case it’ s almost essential. this type of video recording is often used for vr, or virtual reality applications. there is something to be said about taking a photo and not having to wonder if you got everything in the frame, because, with the theta s, trust me— you got everything in the frame. this keeps the overall design especially clean. 24, notification of firmware update for “ ricoh theta sc” / “ ricoh theta s” camera. live- streaming app = windows = uvc4k for windows: ricoh theta z1 / ricoh theta v * live- streaming library = linux = libuvc for ricoh theta: ricoh theta z1 / ricoh theta v.

today' s deals your amazon. com) takes you through the basics of how to use a ricoh theta s: a hand- held co. the vr craze is very much in full swing right now, but the focus is still mostly on consumption. skip to main content. eventually, this technology will likely be built into your smart devices or computers and, then, seamless sharing will happen. cannot connect to the camera. it is like the image was taken at a point in space, but the camera did not physically occupy that point.

top intro sample images specs performance compared usage recommendations more viewer app for all phones and computers. if you send a theta image directly to a friend, they need the app to really explore the image. intro sample images specs performance compared usage recommendations more ricoh theta s ( 4. shoot with the theta s, and chances are that you' ll never again want to go back to the effort of creating a multi- shot spherical panorama without stitching artifacts. is a leading supplier of professional imaging equipment, with a long standing heritage of brands and an extensive rico theta s schnell laden range of cameras, lenses, binoculars and accessories.

14 mp ( 5376 x 2688) number of lenses. ricoh theta is not recognized even when the camera unit and computer are connected with a usb cable. com gift cards help whole foods registry sell disability customer support. all rights reserved.

this camera is all about being easy to carry and even easier to use, so you will take it with you and you will use it to make crazy images everywhere. with no screen, you can’ t change any settings on the camera itself, and you can’ t see what you’ re shooting. ricoh’ s theta series allows you to experience # lifein360. * applicable models: ricoh theta m15/ s/ sc/ v/ z1. the theta s does not yet have the ability to see through or around objects.

one is on the front. now if you are a my360 user ( and if you’ re not. with the two priority modes, the general exposure control is still available, so all these settings are flexible. bedienung der ricoh v, sc und s2. the lens must have a very robust coating on it, or i was just lucky that i didn’ t break my loaner theta s. the caveat is that it will only become a mainstream part of photography once the 360- degree spherical image reaches a critical mass. its internal algorithms keep the theta s from showing itself inside of images. the whole point of this camera is either to view these files in the interactive app, or to make screen grabs from the app to show any of a zillion different crazy views that can be extracted from a 360º file. sony alpha a6000.

you can see a sample 360 image shot with the ricoh theta s here. image processing has been improved for video conversion, and the differences in brightness in stitched sections of the image have been reduced. ebay is always a gamble, but all the other places always have the best prices and service, which is why i' ve used them since before this website existed. the ricoh theta s 360 degree spherical panorama digital camera ( black) gives you even higher quality and performance. ” this is where the theta gets magical. you should be, click here. i think that the theta cameras are on the forefront of a new way to do photography. top intro sample images specs performance compared usage recommendations more to see these as interactive 360º panoramas, you will need to download the ricoh theta viewer app on your phone or computer. the box says not to submerge the case, but the ipx7 rating, if accurate, will allow submersion to 3. for night or low- light photography, a 30- second exposure is possible.

it comes with a neoprene sleeve that makes it easy to throw in a pocket or camera bag. but what it can do, it does superbly, and at a pretty reasonable price of $ 350 to boot. i also inserted the camera top- first so that my fingers wouldn’ t touch the lenses when i extracted the camera. 99, which requires a serious commitment to shooting spherical video ( even if it' s great value for money). schalten sie die kamera ein. 25, the winners of the “ ricoh theta vr image contest” have been decided nov.

but for my money, this camera is at its best as a truly unique still shooter for the selfie set. you don’ t get a huge amount in the box, however. * for the theta v and theta z1, this function is available only for videos recorded while “ stitching during shooting” is off. the theta s switches on quickly and you can take a photo almost as fast as you move your finger from the on/ off button to the shutter release. the majority of the features can only be accessed via the app. you can use ricoh theta for android to view the images and videos you shoot. prices & deals subject to change. i support my growing familythrough this website, as crazy as it might seem. ricoh theta z1 • ricoh theta v • ricoh theta sc2 • insta360 one x • insta360 one r • insta360 one x2 schritt 2 – hochladen und anzeigen: laden sie ihr projekt zur verarbeitung in die matterport cloud hoch. if there was one legitimate reason to own a selfie stick, the theta s could be it. just a few months later, here i am writing a blog post on how to shoot journalistic 360 footage with a ricoh theta s.

see full list on imaging- resource. ricoh theta can capture an all- round view surrounding the photographer with a single shutter release and produce the result as a fully spherical image. that footage is also recorded at a very choppy 15 fps and clips are limited to five minutes instead of 25 on the theta s. i got mine at b& h. “ just look right here at this light. the theta s comes from the same general mold as ricoh’ s previous theta cameras. ) if you can get people to download the app, it' s the fastest and easiest way to do 360º vr for real estate listings — and they look great 3. the top button powers the theta s on. it can also record spherical video in full hd ( 1920 x 1080 * 1 pixels at 30fps) with a maximum recording time of 25 minutes. breaking the fall, the lens struck the painted concrete first.

also, they all feature bluetooth, wi- fi and usb connectivity, and are designed to work alongside a smartphone, enabling for live preview and uploading of the captured media. don’ t try this at home, and please don’ t pass this on to ricoh, but, while photographing an arriving train on a platform, the wind from the passing long island rail road train knocked the theta s horizontally. i was very paranoid about scratching the exposed lenses, as they protrude from the body, so i was diligent in my use of the sleeve. although the large dual sensors of theta s promise better image quality than the gimmicky options of a few years back, this is only truly realised in still image mode. ” above and below the shutter release are soothing colored led indicator lights that give you the theta s’ s status. the electronic shutter can open and close in 1/ 6400 of a second.

3- inch with 12 megapixels, and their output stitches together to make a 14- megapixel image. the dimensions on the spec sheet show the theta s to be a hair larger, but when i held both, i couldn’ t tell the difference. choices for producing your own vr content are rather limited, with some products that were announced years ago – such as the geonaute 360 – failing to materialise. see full list on trustedreviews. the 4k- shooting kodak sp360 is a tempting alternative already, and costs only £ 80 more. gather around the theta and, as long as your friends can see the lenses, no one is left out of the image. bedienung der ricoh z1. it communicates via its own wifi connection to your phone.

it’ s no surprise that this device has been selling like hot cakes. it has two camera lenses and two sensors, which point in opposite directions to allow the camera to see the whole 360 degrees around it. with this product, you earn 0 loyalty point ( s). the panoramic photos have a resolution of 5, 376 x 2, 688, but they look pretty weird if you open them up in software that doesn’ t understand the 360- degree aspect. if you find this page as helpful as rico theta s schnell laden a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone. it automatically assembles the two 190º images into complete 360º panoramas. ricoh does not seal its boxes in any way, so never buy at retail or any other source not on my personally approved list since you' ll have no way of knowing if you' re rico theta s schnell laden missing accessories, getting a defective, damaged, returned, store demo or used camera.

the third button toggles between still image and vi. the theta sc only shoots in 720p instead of 1080p. the problem with this extraordinary vision capability is that i kept getting my thumb and forefinger in the photographs. with some cameras, the capture is as fun and involved as viewing the images afterwards. and so rather than try to run it through our standard tests, i did something for this review that i' ve not done in quite a long time: focus solely on my real- world experiences without concern for the minutiae of lab test figures.

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